Jan. 10th, 2010

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What the--!!!!? Oomph!

Fuck!! What the
Hell is going on!? Where'd the street and everybody else go!? Damn, I skinned my hand. And the stupid sand's everywhere too!

((What better way to intro a new character than to have him race up some basement stairs just to fall flat on his face since motorized inline skates + wonderful island beach don't mix well? ID  He's also still in his outfit from the last chapter which means that he's freshly traumatized and that the sand shows realy well <3))
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[nice day on the island, ain't it? apart from the brief earthquakes every now and then, everything else seems to be pretty swe--]


... ... ...

Oh, you've got to be goddamn kidding me. Really, island? Really? You had me fooled for a second there. And--great, I'm talking to myself.

Here we go again. Hello? Is anyone out there? I'm Zoey and I'm stuck in the middle of the forest because the island pulled a dirty, dirty trick on me. So uh, please help?

[true enough, should your character find the source of the noises, he/she would find that there is (1) Zoey, suspended in the air from a tree branch via... fanservicey zombie tongue-binding. The Smoker isn't actually there, just the tongue. Plz send halp.]
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... Who the hell put a mirror out here in the sand?

It's not a mirror, idiot. See--

Hey, ow! Dammit, why'd you pinch-- ... Shit, wait, then what is it?

... at least it's not Kazuha-chan.

... ahahaha. What're you thinking?

Oh, nothing! Hey, I think someone's coming.

Aw hell-- Hey there! How's it going?

((since after moe note, all that was left was for Crow and Kaito to get inside each other, the time has finally come. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Orange font is Crow's body and blue is Kaito's, and both will be tagging!))
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OI! Mugi, Azusa! I know it probably would've been better to do this while Mio and Yui were still around, but hey, what can you do? Plus it was them leaving that got me thinking about this. Meet me outside in ten minutes! Bring your instruments. We're gonna have the best jam session ever! You come too, Klavier-san.

... Heck, anyone who can sing or play an instrument can join us too! The more, the merrier, right? All I wanna do right now is just let it out.

[ooc; Ritsu will be outside in front of the inn, hammering away at her drumset. :|b Feel free to threadhop!]


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