Jan. 11th, 2010

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Oi! Listen up, islanders! I have a very important topic to discuss that is more serious than that post a few down.

Some of you know this girl, since you foolishly replied to her request. So I'll make this straight and to the point! I have nothing to do with her and she out of her damn mind. Off her rocker! Around the experience curve with nowhere to grind! Also, lying to you all. Which is impressive, but not when it comes around to bite me in the ass.

My point is this! If she told you anything about me, forget it! Especially if she tried to recruit you for her ridiculous plan, whatever it is.
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[Your local doll is not clothed in her usual dress-- Instead they are hanging to dry and she is just making herself comfortable in a nice big sweater.]

I do wish my clothes would dry faster. And I also wish that spring would come sooner. Ah, that's a tad too much wishing especially if you've been living on this island for a long while.

In any case, I'm rather bored.

Destiny Pier

Someone rearrange this anagram into the word it originally was. Perhaps I'll even consider giving out a prize of some sort.


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