Jan. 18th, 2010

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[ on the beach away from... that weird guy who's squatting, there is a person in a wedding dress with flowing silver hair. The person seems to be a woman. Then the person turns around--

... And you still can't tell if it's a man or a woman.

Until he speaks, anyway. ]

How quaint, a native!
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[if you are out and about today, you will find one duelist carrying lots of wood and being generally very busy looking - if you bother him, you may realize he is trying to distract himself from something!]

Lessee, yesterday made it a week now since then, I think. ... Shit, feels like it's been longer than that. Aaaah, forget about her!! She's probably fine. Keeping them safe too, no doubt. Hell, what am I thinking? She knows better than to hurt them! Out of anybody except maybe Yami, she'll keep them safe.

Anyway, I've got more important stuff to do today! There's the maps and stuff for Tear, so I've really gotta get what I've gotten on my own off of the computers on the blimp, and there's working on this thing some more, should probably tell Kaito where we're going soon, and...


And I've really gotta go find something besides pizza for Yotsuba to eat. If she thinks because she's on an island she ain't getting any vegetables, she's got another thing coming...!!

Hey, anybody know where a guy can get some good veggies around here--!? I'm talking quality stuff here, 'cause I could use some!
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[Yeah, you know Sadako's well? That one place that people tend to avoid because jesus fuck it's creepy.

Jay's there. And he's in the middle of dropping a fairly large rock down it.]

Well, let's see if this works.
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[ on the beach, your character may have noticed that someone is doing squats! And... if they've been watching for a while now, he's been doing squats for a long time.

... I do mean a long time. ]

All right! Five hundred. Now we can get this started.

... Just what kind of a mission is this, anyway?


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