Jan. 21st, 2010

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I don't usually carry along passengers, but I think I can make an exception for you. We're not going to fall over as much when we're not on the ground, right?

... Still, first the snow, now these earthquakes? My routine's getting interrupted all over the place lately! Sorry, Koro-chan, let's call it a morning for now. We can people-gaze for a little while.

((Somewhere high above you, there consists a duo of a girl and a dog perched on a tree branch. They appear to just be chilling and checking out what you're doing.))
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[If you happen to be in the inn, you might pass by the kitchen and see a non-blood sucking vampire mulling over a cookbook, rice, and various other ingredients! Will you come join in and help or mooch?

Hm... This is a bit harder than I thought. What does the cookbook say about this? "Wet your hands and cover them in salt and start molding." Okay, I take that back. Overall, the technique is quite simple with some practice! It's just been a while since I've made anything in the kitchen. Let's start making onigiri!

Gah! The rice is really sticky!

[ooc: Protip: She ISN'T a bad cook :B]


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