Feb. 1st, 2010

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[Wherever you are, you may notice the sudden appearance of a girl wearing a black hood, seemingly in mid conversation.]

Listen Kyle, are you sure that's such a good idea? Sneaking out without telling Granny and the rest... Of course I'll go, the Crimson Empress never backs down from a challenge, and I want to keep an eye on Marie anyway, but really--

[When all of a sudden, some stupid bird of some kind flies at her and knocks her hood back! What a filthy creature!]

-- Hey! Come back here, you-- you dirty chicken! I'm going to roast you and take you back down to the Root for dinner!! Or maybe I'll just burn you to ashes right here and now, how would you like that!?

... Wait, a bird? That can't be right.

[And now the no longer hooded girl is just staring at the sky in a mix of awe and shock.]

... Is this a dream?


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