Feb. 5th, 2010

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[THIS IS NOT RANKA-- I mean, it is a completely ordinary day on the island. Very ordinary. You may be passing by the lake and see a green haired girl fishing!]

All right! This will probably be my biggest catch yet! Everyone's gonna have a yummy dinner tonight-- Ugh, the line snapped! AGH, IT'S GETTING AWAY!!!


[Said green haired girl will now proceed to leap into the lake after the elusive fish. Funny how after ten years not too much can change.]

[OOC: It's TYL EVENT TIME HELL YES. If you haven't guessed already, this is Yotsuba, aged ten years! So go join in on the fun and start having futuristic shenanigans! :B Back!]
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Mmmhm...! It's that time, isn't it? I thank you all for attending-- especially you, Laharl. It's nice to see that you care. In any case, in celebration of another year here, I present to you...


Lights! Camera-- )

[ooc: SORRY FOR THE REPOST I messed up on the poll the first time. Anyway, Mocademy awards! There are lots of tables with food and drinks, a stage, and the K-ON + Ranka band will be performing sometime later. Details on the event can be found here and here. Spam this post up!!! But don't forget to do your own posts after this one.

Note: Sion is listed twice on the top category, but the second time is supposed to be MION. Sorry Seve. ):]
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I suppose we should be thankful for the little variety we have in drinks, not that the coconuts alone do not accomplish the same basic goal of satisfying alcoholic cravings.

Will you be able to handle yourself tonight, Sheryl?

((EDIT: BARTENDER RADU! General drinking and mingling post in a general drinking area! Or if your character wants to hit one of these two up, that's fine, too.))


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