Feb. 7th, 2010

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Man. I can't believe it's finally done. Ten long years of blood, sweat and tears being put into this project with a lot of extra help by everyone that was willing to give me a hand, it's finally a success!

Everyone. I couldn't do this alone without your help so I thank you guys with my deepest gratitude. And now I think it's time to cut the ribbon to officially make this place open to everyone! Well, mostly for kids anyway.

I here by declare that this indoor park is now open! And I'll call it [Karulu's Forest] since it has something of a theme to fit with the island's forest itself!

... okay, maybe not. Anyone else has an idea to go with to name this place too?

((Strip club on the outside, playground on the inside. Yeah. Lyner wasn't too much concerned about the outside part of the building as he was inside.))
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[at some cave near the beach, you may hear a lot of welding and stuff like that! if you listen closely, you'll see a Musica and some blacksmith items close to him. he is working on Leo's girly AT-like shoes!]

I can't believe I have to work on some stupid ballet shoes. Maybe I should add in the Silver Angels' emblem too-- or maybe something worse like a heart. Or something girlier. Heh, that'd be great!

What the hell do you put in shoes, anyway? I mean, it's a pair of roller skates already. Geez!
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Look, I'm just saying-- If they want to learn how to levitate, then let them. As long as they're not near any cliffs they're good, right?

-- ow! Okay, no levitation for beginners. You take the fun out of everything. Oh, hey, you over there. Yes, you, come over.

Would you like to learn a trick?

[Kaito and Tear double post, both will be tagging. Opening up Kaito's magic school for the day! Can have people going for the first time or people who are already learning, wtfever.]
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[at that old piano somewhere near the ruins, which is by now really really old, there is (1) Ranka Lee, papers strewn about, pencil in her hair, and a Mocademy somewhere in between]

God... I can't believe it. "Most Moé," at twenty-seven years old? I should probably be flattered, but it's actually kind of embarrassing. Ugh... Does it mean everyone still thinks I'm naive and innocent? Well...

...Anyway, back to work! Let's see, this chord sounds better here, so then...

The constellation in the night
sky that connects you and I
The flow of the tears of the
abandoned stars piled up
Outside of the darkness, the
rays of light shone...

Huh, does that sound okay...?

((ooc: She is singing/working on this song which is a Nakajima Megumi song from another canon but PSH DETAILS Feel free to ask her to play the whole song. \o\ And yes she learned the piano ten years is enough okay.))

3rd Battle!

Feb. 7th, 2010 03:35 pm
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Hi. Welcome to the Munchlax Munch-a-Lot restaurant!

Today, I have the honor of being both your waiter and your chef. What will you be having? We have a new dish too. Island Poffin surprise, if you're interested.
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[ You are going about your average TYL day when SOMEONE is opening your door/suddenly stepping in front of you/generally interrupting you-- with adorable waifu in tow! ]

Oh, good afternoon! I've got a fascinating bit of news for you.

I'm going to be a father!

-- That's all, really! You can carry on with whatever you were doing!

[ ooc; Ling and Hime will both be tagging! HE IS JUST FEELING EXTRA OBNOXIOUS TODAY. :'( ]
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*If you happen to be out and about tonight, you may notice rumbling nearby! You turn to look in surprise, only to find nothing there! But nearby, you can just tell... Evil is afoot! In fact, if you happen to be lucky, you may just hear the voice of villainy itself!*

Gyahahaha! The time to strike is now, my villainous allies-- no, a villain does not have allies... My villainous associates! With my newest monster creations leading our charge, we shall trample those who would dare stand in the way of our domination!

Go forth and conquer! Gorillastein Mark V! Death Dingo the Tenth! Landshark Senior! Demise Dolphin! You as well, Killer Koala!

Hmhm... You are my finest trained beasts yet, do not dare fail me, or there shall be no dinner for you upon return!

((ooc: They are all super powered monsters with hilarious special attacks, fully capable of taking multiple beatings! Feel free to thread beating them up with others, or come after Flay himself. ))


Feb. 7th, 2010 08:16 pm
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--God dammit...second year in a row now? Really? Don't know what half this island is on, but if they keep voting me for that retarded category, I might just have to find out.

I don't even know where the hell to stick this other one now! Tch'...oh well. Might as well use it as a shiny doorstop or something.

...Oi! Miki, Maki, you can't be playin' around here! Daddy's got hot stuff boiling, and if you get burned, don't say I didn't warn you! MAKOOOO! Pick up the girls or something, I got a customer!

...so. What was it you wanted, again?

[whooo ramen/cake/flower shop a-gogo \o/ Yusuke and Makoto will both be tagging, and these runts will probably be bothering people too :( Order something, shoot the breeze, congratulate him on being most topped again, whatever -3-b]
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Hmmm nope. Nope. Nuh uh. Not even close. ... Oops, must have not taken this one out. Maybe I can later when angry pants isn't around.

Alright, who has the children's storybooks? Someone is going to have to cough one up because I'm not even going to pretend I know how to tell a good children's story. You can only retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White or Ponyo so many times before you start mixing mecha into the stories, and then it just becomes so wrong. Kinda cool in a very strange and weird way, but still very wrong, da ze~ Ku kuuuuu~

... So yeah, someone give up a story book or two.

((In ten years, the library has been passed on to Ayumu but of course Kururu still hangs around it))
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[Not too far from the blimp, you may notice some tables have been brought out, and on top of them there is food and drinks and other a good deal of other good stuff. There are also some campfires all set up with marshmallows a'roasting, and all and all there is a nice homely feel to it. And near it all is Crow, checking it out.]

Ehhh... Not exactly like last night's party, but I'd say this is a pretty decent spread. Heheh, when me and Maka team up for things like this, there's no stopping us!

Man, really though... Ten years, huh? Well, nearly eleven for me, and more I bet for other people, but still. Over a decade all around. Here we are, moving on with our lives, making new ones, starting families... It's really something. Kinda crazy too, ain't it? Who woulda thought ten years ago we'd be doing half the shit we're doing now instead of just sitting around waiting to go home?

[He grabs a bottle off the table, opens it, and holds it out as if he's-- yup, he's making a toast.]

I don't know about you, but I'm glad as hell I got my ass dumped here so I could meet all of you so we could screw around for over a decade! So here's to you guys, and here's hoping the next decade kicks as much ass as this one has! Cheers!

((don't mind me, just posting a TYL spam post before the event ends-- Eat, drink, chill, threadhop, tag whoever you didn't get to during the event, backthread for two weeks, all of that good stuff!!))


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