Feb. 13th, 2010

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[somewhere on the Island is a stage! It looks like someone is about to have a concert! there are speakers everywhere so it will probably get pretty loud. there is a girl standing at the center of the stage.]

Island! I demand nothing else but your attention. If you can hear this, stop whatever you're doing. Follow the sound of my voice. It's all you need.


And listen to my song!

((Sheryl's pre-Valentine's concert! Full details are here in this post. State in the subject if you're commenting during the concert, or after! All Sheryl replies will be "after" the concert, not unless someone screams and pretty much gets her attention!

Anyway, have fun, threadhop!))
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[there is someone flying! or rather, there was someone flying, because right now a girl and her means of staying airborne are about to crash into the ground in three, two, one...]

-- Aaah!

[ooc; SOUL AND MAKA ARE CANONUPDATED up to post ch. 65. both will be tagging, natch.]


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