Feb. 20th, 2010

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[looks like someone's a bit late for Valentine's day!

also, it looks like someone in his underwear is waiting for you in your room!]

Lucy! Looks like you redecorated--

you're not Lucy.
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[Sniper didn't like many things, honestly. Liking something would mean he had an opinion on it, and apathy didn't often lend itself to anything but careless indifference. But if he was being honest with himself? He liked this island. It was weird, sure--but weird sure beat the hell out of boredom.]

[So here he was in the library...by himself...playing solitaire.]

[Nope, definitely not bored.]

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[if you're near the inn, you may find one Riku who looks a lot happier than usual!]

I guess I can try making one, but--

Hey, does anyone here have a bed that they don't need? We're all full at my place, so if anyone else that we know shows up then we might be in trouble.

Or I can fix up the shed and make Sora live in there again. I'm fine with either option, to be honest.

[I am leaving soonish so I'll get back to tags when I'm home again. ): ]


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