Feb. 24th, 2010

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[if you are near the inn, you may have found Crow searching it from top to bottom, looking unusually solemn. if you were in it during the past half hour or so, you might have seen said duelist wandering around it and looking a little distressed. he's also been coming around for most of the day, so hey, if you don't know him, you might think he's some creepy stalker!!]

Damn, damn, damn... Where is she? I've gotta find her. It's already been practically a week, and I haven't seen heads or tails of that girl. ... Not that I've been looking, but still.

[and he finally stops and just starts yelling at the sky!! because we all know how that gets things done.]

Damn it, where the hell are you!? You didn't get sent home, did you, you stupid girl!? Because I swear, I'll hunt you down and drag your ass right back here if you did!!


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