Mar. 4th, 2010

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[ so in between guys falling through the roof and small earthquakes, Emiri has been keeping an eye on the roof.

At this moment, more specifically, she is covered in debris and keeping both eyes on the GIANT HOLE in the roof. ]

Seriously?? After all that, one fat monkey? What is it with this place and our roof, is this some kind of karma??

I need a hammer. And not just to kill somebody with.
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[somewhere it's night and you'll find (1) Delinquent munching down on some fried dingo over a little campfire while (1) Infant Demon King is drinking from a bottle]

Aaah... You know what? This would've been the perfect place to make a "Dingoes Ate my Baby" joke. But it looks like the joke's on this mutt. Wish I had some barbecue sauce or soy sauce to go along with this.

... I wonder where we are anyway? Some island near Australia? Shit... Australia? If that damn tit monster had somethin' to do with this, I wouldn't put it pass her. Tch. I'll betcha she drugged me and dropped me here for some "bonding time" with this brat. Screw all of that. I've gotta finish that dungeon on Dragon Quest, goddammit.

... Well, whatever. Guess we're roughing it here for now, Be'el. Unless a freakin' boat comes by. God, I hope it comes by soon.
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[Screw you guys and your anticipation for 4th wall day, Travis is kicking back and chilling out in the open somewhere with his laptop.

And he is a guru of killing boredom.]

[ooc; Whether you IM him or approach him IRL, up to you! Also, feel free to use this as a mingle post for anyone in the general vicinity and threadhop threadhop threadhop.]


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