Mar. 8th, 2010


Mar. 8th, 2010 08:56 pm
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[ as something of a scientist, shouichi is conditioned to expect the unexpected. a life of wacky mafia hijinks and the strangest of strange company has built his psyche up into the rock solid warrior it is today. he is calm, he is collected, he is -- absolutely full of shit.

nevermind that he is nearly always nothing short of a nervous wreck, shouichi irie didn't last three minutes in this ~*new environment*~ without longing for brown paper bag and a three-month perscription of xanax. sure, he might deal with some freaky science stuff -- but when he shifted worlds, it usually didn't last any longer than five minutes. he could only calmly wait to return to his world for so long.

his time had been up.
it'd been up at least six times by now.

while his mind raced with thoughts about how he was supposed to get himself out of this -- he was also very concerned with having to choose which to do first: faint or puke. ]

Aa -- why won't you answer?

[ he stared down at his communicator, wide-eyed. it figured the one time he actually wanted to speak to the cervello he'd get nothing but static. ]

Th-this is not good. . .


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