Mar. 24th, 2010

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[Under the dark blue sky and the light of the full silvery moon you may or may not notice a little girl with long hair wearing a white dress, standing in the white flower field looking aimlessly up at the sky. She doesn't seem quite upset. Actually, it's rather hard to tell what her expression is saying at all. Approach, y/n?]


... It's this place again. But it's quiet this time.

... There's other people here isn't there?

[ooc: Arcueid got FOY'ed so have a very young drywall Arc! Vaguely remembers being here before so :B]
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[ In the library, there's a very out-of-place Black☆Star, reading one of those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. Out loud, of course. ]

...You realize that you got no other choice but to eventually go up against the dragon to save the people.

You decide to fight the dragon now.
You decide to train and then fight the dragon.
You flee the country without turning back.

PSH! It goes without sayin' I'll fight it and beat it. THE GREAT BLACK☆STAR CANNOT LOSE! Gyahahaha~! Turn to page 53... [ Flipping through the pages ]

You die a horrible, fiery death. -- LAME! Fine. So I'll try training. [ Finds the page. ] After training, you-- die a horrible, fiery death?! HUH? WHO WROTE THIS THING! Are they seriously making everyone go the pansy way?? [ grudgingly flipping to the last option. ]

No, it's just you, you idiot. You die a horrible, fiery death -- WHAT?!

[ OOC: Should you try your hand at the book, the options can change. o/ ]


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