Apr. 1st, 2010

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[ Hey, see that on the ground? It's two tickets to that thing you love-- no, wait. It is that thing you love. Or that precious thing you thought went missing a month ago. Or something really valuable that you like or want, like money, or if you're a sensible islander, like soap. Let's just say it's something your character may really want.

WHATEVER IT IS, it moves slightly out of reach when you go to grab it.

And again.

And again.

What do you do? ]


Apr. 1st, 2010 05:41 pm
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[ in the ocean right now, there are some giant tentacles waving around in the air. Owner of said tentacles seems to be... howling. Like a dog.

And on the shore, one young girl is looking like she wants to go home now. ]

Are you serious?

((ooc: Well, after mentioning hellhound/octopus hybrids, this was inevitable. Feel free to take it on and/or drag Chisame with you.))
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[It's your normal April morning/afternoon/night/whatever, and oh look it's an Emperor personifying the Island in the sky. Wait, what.]


[[OOC: Happy April Fools, guys. I obviously ♥ you all very much.]]

15th Sense

Apr. 1st, 2010 07:46 pm
pedokinesis: (The look on my face says it all.)
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*Remember that one person who you haven't seen in ages? The one who either hasn't shown up here yet, was here and left, or possibly died a horrible death back home?

Well, they're currently walking down the beach in a hurried manner. Why don't you go say hello?*


(( Protip: If I know your canon, he'll play the role. If not, he'll probably just play a game of unwinnable tag. ))
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Let's see what's here... no, this won't do. This one won't work, either. That one's out of the question. No... no... definitely not. Did I really wear this much black?

[today there's a girl in the church thumbing through her wardrobe! She's pretty much tossing the clothes she doesn't like this way and that, so if you're close by, watch out :(]

Don't I have anything casual? This would be a lot easier if my wardrobe from home had come back with me.

[As a note, Utau's been canon updated since she was last here, so she'll be nice instead of angry all the time \o/]


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