Apr. 3rd, 2010

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It just HAD to be him out of all people, didn’t it?! That goddamn shameless bastard-cat…-! Throwing him out was the only right thing to do! After all he- They-…. Che! He only got what he fucking deserves!

…It’s not like the fucking bastard’d need me anyway..! I bet he’s having a fun time running around and freaking out people by putting the moves on them or something! And then he’ll go all happy on them and smile and say some stupid shit like “Hiiii, I’m Haru and Leo’s lover and a male whore, nice to meet you! Call me whenever you want to play, mmmkay?!♥”. Urgh, just thinking about it gives me the creeps!

Anyway… There’s no reason he shouldn’t be fine! And now quit thinking about it! I’d better get my head back in the game and start doing what I’ve come here to do. Let's see, did I get everything…?
Poisonous flora and fauna of places you never wanted to know about, Carpentry for Beginners, Foolproof and Tasty: Recipes that CAN’T go wrong no matter how hard you try!, Non-lethal First-Aid, Gary’s Anatomy, Ash Williams: Survival Done Right,… Yep, sounds like I got it all covered. Now to the tedious part- *flips open the survival guide and starts reading* ‘First, you need to get yourself a good chainsaw and replace your right hand with it-‘ Yeah, right! *flips open another * Let’s hope that this one’s--


I don’t think that position is even possible without breaking your backbone twice first.

((ooc: If you’re wondering, the title of the book he’s currently reading is “Surviving Kamasutra”.))


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