Apr. 8th, 2010

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[ A Zack is leaning against a newly-completed stable with two chocobos in it. ]

Well, I guess I wasn't gone long enough to let you guys go hungry. That's good to know... probably was only a couple days in this place's time. No one had to worry about me being gone or anything, so that's good too.

... [ Realizing he's talking to his chocobos. Doesn't know what's worse; The fact that he's doing it or that he doesn't really mind. ]

Oh well. Time to get back in the swing of things and-- yeah. There's a lot left to do here, isn't there?

[ ooc; Someone's gotten canon updated to post-game. :( Things of note to friends:
- Slight personality shift.
- He's in some new clothes. He changed out his old ones because bullet holes don't really leave a good impression.
- His buster sword? The one he carries with him everywhere? Is gone.
- Heeee will be avoiding mentioning what happened back home. ]
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Pardon me, but I seem to have lost my way. Would anyone happen to have seen a rather large, bright red, ship-like robot? With sunglasses, perhaps, and drills. I have been to the beach before, but I believe it was a different area entirely.

I thought I might simply wait to be found where I am, but as the sun is beginning to set, it is becoming somewhat chilly. Though the clouds are lovely in this light.
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[If you just so happen to be in the area, pairs of skates are lined up in front of you as Ikki himself is standing proudly on a tree stump]

Welcome, my young grasshoppers! If you're standing here, then you obviously wanna learn about Air Treck. Or you've come to bash in my glorious presence, which is also good! I don't blame you! If you think these are your regular roller blades, you'll haveta change that mindset right now. 'Cuz once you put 'em on, you'll enter a new world.

So if you're badass enough, then come under the wing of the almighty Ikki-sama and he'll teach you everything you need to know!

... And alongside with me will be my assisting teacher, Bremusa Rainforest. Which is amazonian for "Adachi Emiri" if you happen to know her really well. ♥ So don't hesitate to ask her any questions either! She won't bite unless you give her a reason too.

(( ooc: AIR TRECK 101 BITCHES. Ikki and Emiri will both be tagging this post! ))


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