Apr. 10th, 2010

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[ whether you know her or not, there's a loli looking horrified when she spots you.

Possibly because she can't seem to shut herself up. ]

T-there's something I've been hiding from you for a very long time and I actually wasn't going to say anything and I don't really want to say it, but I do, and so this is the one big secret I haven't told too many p--

[ ... This is followed by her clapping her own hands over her mouth. ]

((So who wants to find out that Amu's a magical girl :D))
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[Katara can be seen near the inn, with what appears to be a lemur aka Momo. She's feeding him some fruit.]

You're really hungry today, aren't you? It's weird, I haven't seen that many people around. I guess nothing's happening for once.

I think Appa's cuter than you.

[Now Katara can be seen chasing after a rather insulted looking lemur, while yelling apologies after him.]


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