Apr. 17th, 2010

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 (There is a little white hedgehog pawing at the ground at his feet, snuffling amongst the grass. "Kyuu~!" It is saying, looking for things to play with, his violet eyes wide. "Kyuu~!" The man frowns at it, already injured from fighting despite being here FOR DAYS and not amused with the people he had already found. )

Roll, stop it... (He says quietly to the hedgehog.) Tch, where is the law around here... 

(He decides that there is no way people should be allowed to frolic around like they had been doing... if this was Namimori high school then he would have punished them already. Unfortunately, it wasn't. But at the same time, he couldn't set up any laws because the person in power he was avoiding, and there was the possibility of some good fighters here... Nope, he shouldn't get hurt more than he was.)

This irks me.

(He looks down to the set of handcuffs around the belt at his waist, and Roll, the hedgehog, looks up. "Kyuu~?")

Isn't there any rules around here? (Growls. ) Because if not... I'm biting everyone to death. 

(Roll looks a bit worried.)

Why is everyone having 'fun' when we are stranded on some idiotic island?
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[Onstage, the monkeys in kimonos have been shooed off the stage and replaced with Azusa, Ritsu, Mugi, and... Ranka! Your pigtailed lead guitarist begins to speak into the microphone loudly!]

Ah... Um... Welcome everyone! My friends and I have decided to put up a performance for your enjoyment. I hope you all will appreciate the hard work we've put into this. We all come from different places, but the I hope that the music will reach your hearts! If I may, let me introduce to you our band members.

First, we have Mugi-senpai on the keyboard! Ritsu-senpai on the drums! And Ranka-san who has kindly volunteered to do the main vocals!

And I'm Azusa, your lead guitarist... So everyone, please enjoy yourselves. Without further ado...


[OOC: Azusa, and the rest of the girls will be performing Fuwa Fuwa Time and Fude Pen for all you people! When you comment, assume that it's after they perform so you can compliment and have festival fun after the concert. EDIT: Ranka-mun will be out for a while but will tag back around 10:30 EST o/]
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[peeks under the bandage on her left arm to see the red and black tattoo stil burned into her skin] This is ridiculous, why is it still there? I thought I was was free. Maybe I didn't finish crystallising...I wish I'd found out more about all of this stuff.

[sighs and collapses on the beach, leaning against a tree in the shade and drawing randomly in the sand] Just wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing here, if this is another Focus or something...or if I didn't finish my last one and I'm really going to...to...no. I can't. It's been a few days now. It would have happened already. [rubs out the doodle she had been making and sighs again]

[tries to stop the negative thoughts and returns to her doodling, just drawing a few flowers from her home world]
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Auughh. I`m hating it here already. If I had to pick being here...or back at Namimori fighting the mafia..well I`d have to pick Namimori over this fucking place...
[He curses to himself under his breath, tracing letters in G-Script in the sand.]

And I haven`t seen Juudaime around and without him well....
Now I feel like the useless one.

Damnit boss...where the fuck are you....


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