Apr. 23rd, 2010

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[He still thinks most everyone on the island is insane. No, he still doesn't believe in all the magic. And yes, he's still trying to find some way to logically explain everything.

But even detective maniac Edogawa Conan needs a break. Which was why today he was taking a break. At present, he was sitting under a tree with a stack of comic books on top of his jacket laying on the ground.

They were Sherlock Holmes comics. He wanted to see if they were any good since he hadn't gotten the chance to read them back home. For the moment, he seems more than content.

...now, really, he's just asking for someone to bug him.]
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[Instead of hurting himself accidentally, the young Cavallone has decided to take a rest under a palm tree somewhere on the main island. Enzio is snapping away at the air again, trudging slowly up the miniature sand-hills the blonde had created, so that it wouldn't get to any source of water quickly.

. . . .  .Water.

Good lord, when was the last time he's taken a bath DB?!]

. . . . . . . I really need to find some place to stay;;

[He thinks out his next plan of action, tilting his head slightly. Maybe he could look for a hut of some kind? Huh, this is gonna be a challenge.]
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[Have one girl wearing this weird outfit sitting on her knees as if in a daze.]

... Ah... Where did everyone go?

Wait! This is the island isn't it? And if I'm here that means my world wasn't destroyed after all! But since I'm here... I'll have to wait to see how everything turns out in the end. Nnn... I'm sure everyone will make it out fine. Even Nahashi-san I hope...

I can't believe I was about to... It doesn't look like anything has changed though. That's good I guess!

[OOC: Canon-updated Sumire near the end of her series! She just got back from SAVING THE WORLD which ironically she was about to destroy to make a new one, but DETAILS. Best bonus, she can use her powers freely now eff yeah.]


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