May. 1st, 2010

[identity profile] how the hell am I going to do this...
[Set out infront of him is a few pairs of your basic kind of shells, and a few uneven pieces of vine.
He picks up one shell and tries to figure out a way how to chain it onto the vine]

Tch, now all I have to do is try and...
[Pushing hard on the fragile shell, it breaks.]

[Pissed off he throws the pieces of the broken shell onto the sand and crosses his arms with a huff]
I can`t even believe I even THOUGHT of making that idiot something for his birthday.

But wait--
Wasn`t it last week?


((<3 Aww, isn`t that nice? Gokkun is making something for his not-boyfriend-Yama.
--On the day of his RPer`s birthday |D))
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[ earlier today, you might have seen a girl and a dog dash past you on a morning run.

That same girl is now looking exhausted but seated by the ocean with a bunch of books on love advice, which she just so happens to be perusing ]

"The ideal woman is delicate and feminine, someone men want to protect"... seriously? Maybe Nakayama can pull that off, but I-- let's try another one.

"The more violent you are, the more your boyfriend is going to be afraid to ever lay a hand on you".


"If you're desperate enough, simply follow this simple recipe and slip it into his drink"--

Okay, note to self: never check the library again.
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[There's a girl, about twelve or thirteen, standing at the bottom of a burger tree. She's holding one of the burgers and staring at it curiously.

And then....the biggest smile forms on her face.]

This place has food growing on trees! This is awesome! I don't know where this is, but it rocks!

[Apparently she wasn't too hard to please.]
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I always thought the after life would have....well, a bit more life in it. Lots of people have died. So why isn't there anyone around?

[Keiichi would have thought the afterlife would have some sort of reception. After all, it's not like everyone saw someone shooting at them before they were dead. A lot of people had to be confused.

Still, he's not run into anyone so far. so he doesn't know he's not actually dead.]

Maybe I should find a way to report this to the top dog? There should at least be a GREETER or something. Even a tour guide would be helpful.

Well, won't find anything here.

[And now he's gonna wander around the island. Looks a nice enough guy. Even with the metal bat.]


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