May. 2nd, 2010

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[Somewhere nearishby the blimp, there is a purple-haired genderless thing making an idiot of themselves. By which I mean they keep starting to walk away from the blimp, stopping, and walking back to stand right next to it. Starting again, stopping, walking back. This process repeats itself a good ten or twelve times before the person finally just sits down and draws their knees to their chest in front of the blimp. Apparently, leaving the blimp is something we want to do, but leaving and going farther than outside the door is too daunting of a task.]

I-it's still too bright out.

[[ooc; holy god this post is so overdue faaaaail.]]
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OH NO!!!!!

IT'S THE MUMPS! Duralumin is not going to make it! Stay with me Duralumin! Don't fly to the light!!!

OH NO!!! The lion is going to eat Duralumin! Bear down! Bear down! We're losing her!

[OOC: Yotsuba is playing by herself on the beach! With her teddy bear and... Rocks, pebbles, and shells she's pretending are other animals. Gotta give her credit for her creativity.]
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[Stop what you're doing! Something vastly important has happened!

Someone has left a plushie behind! It's just nestled in the sand/forest/wherever you happen to be, being all cute.

Those with 'magic sensing' powers might tell something is off about this doll. But even if your character doesn't have that, come approach, you might get a surprise anyway!]


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