May. 3rd, 2010

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[ not too far from the inn, Kazuha is taking inventory of... a bunch of omamori and various assorted charms. ]

Mmm... it feels like a lot more people need these than the last time I did this. But I didn't think I'd still have all of these from the trips and the time Heiji got sick and everything... I was going to give the innkeeper one, too, but... maybe Ai-chan will want one.

-- Aha, I remember these! They were supposed to be for good luck and keeping anything bad from happening, and this one was for getting lost, but I bought that one before I came here.

... Obviously didn't work.

((Just strolling through fuck-my-canon lane, but if you're a friend of hers and you haven't gotten an omamori yet or you just feel like chilling with her, feel free to hit her up.))

Third Tear

May. 3rd, 2010 11:38 pm
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Oh well that's just not fair! Please...give it back!

[Serah is glaring up at a monkey in a tree that's holding a roll of bandage and glaring just as intently back at her.]

Come on, I need that! Come back down or I'll...I'll...come up after you!

[The monkey doesn't move, so Serah sighs and starts climbing the tree. The bandage is needed to cover the tattoo on her arm that she's scared of.]

Come on Serah, you can do this...Lightning and SNow do stuff like this all of the time. Almost...there...

[Reaches out for the monkey that just jumps to another branch so she falls back down to the sand.]

Oh for the love of- It's just a tree, try again.

[Gets self back up and tries to work out a better way to climb it.]


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