May. 6th, 2010

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Of all times this has to happen! Just my luck, I remembered something really important and THIS decides to start! Stupid weather! I didn't want to remember about this curse!

... mah. No sense in trying to stay wet for long now. Still, I've got to find a cake somewhere that isn't soggy or wet. First, I have to use something for cover at least before I catch a cold.

Gate of Babylon. Shields aren't going to work... I don't think there is a wide enough sword and I didn't think about saving any clothes that would protect me against the rai-- oh, this should do.

When this is over, I think I'll enjoy a coconut and prepare some hot water back at the cabin. I can already tell this day is going to be a bad one.

(See Ko-Gil turn into a girl thanks to the cursed springs from many moons ago and the rain. Now see a huge flying ship hovering over Ko-Gil to block the rain while looking for cake. Yeah.)


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