May. 9th, 2010

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Um, not "Erotic Confessions Corner," but more like... "Tell Me About Your Mother Corner," maybe? It's Mother's Day, after all.

Nihaha~ I'm lucky enough to have my Mommy here. I thought it would be nice for us to go on a picnic today, but it's still raining...


May. 9th, 2010 08:12 pm
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[ Even though it's down-pouring like no tomorrow, amongst the loud thunder an even louder sound can be heard. Namely an old woman standing beside a large pit with an umbrella held over her head as glares up at her successor. ] --I don't care that this living rock decided to up and kidnap you before you could get to the Demon World. Just because you haven't been able to find Raizen doesn't mean you can slack off while you're here!

Dammit, Grandma, what did you expect me to do, fight the gorillas?! There's no one strong enough here!

I'm not asking you to defeat anybody! I'm telling you to keep up with your training even without any opponents around! It's called self-discipline, which is something you are severely lacking in!

Maybe I might have hit my head one too many times, but throwing me into a pit of wild animals doesn't seem to fall under that category!

Keeping your spirit energy under control is a significant part of your training! And that includes showing restraint when defending against other living beings! Now get in the pit!

Unless getting rabies is some new spirit energy technique I missed out on, there's no way in HELL I'm--HEY HEY DON'T PUSH GAAAHHH--!

[ With the umbrella held over head with her left arm still held out, she's staring down the pit. ] And don't come out until I say so, dimwit!

((GENKAI AND YUSUKE DOUBLE POST \O/ come and stare in horror, laugh at his pain, etc etc etc YOU ALL KNOW THE DRILL--also they'll be tagging separately!

EDIT-- both of us are out for the night but I'll get to them in the morning and Mae at work/break xOb))
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[For everyone on the Island, being inside is the best thing during constant rain; however, as the lightning cracks at the ground and the thunder shakes the heavens, Gash is tucked beneath a mass of trees. Not within cozy four walls.

He is underneath vegetation that is, of course, unsuccessfully keeping him and his companion Vulcan dry.]

Nuuu. Nuuuuh! [The boy sneezes, shivering as a chill runs up his spine.]

Ouuu... It's started to rain while I'm so very far away from a warm h-house! And all the Yellowtail are--

[Suddenly, an Earth-rattling BOOM sounds, and Gash yelps, scuffling behind his poor shelter.]

AHHHHH! Demons! There are demons in the sky with giant fire-works!


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