May. 15th, 2010

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[That One Club. You know, that one club that might or might have a name that does stuff, but no one's fully sure why it's considered a club, but it is because there's s many people dedicated to it?

Yeah, that's a meeting for this Club, but there's something different.]

HELLO EVERYONE~! [And there's Keiichi, standing on a cooler in one of the vacant fields of today with a megaphone after school. There's a big banner of 'Club Activity' behind him.]

I am Maebara Keiichi, president of That One Club! You guys all know who we are. Today, we got a little something special~!

You see, as all clubs do, we need a bit of money. Now there were ideas of bake sales and car washes and all that as a possible fund raiser, but we had a problem with that. The problem is, our club is one for fun! And while fun could be had at these things, it's too boring.

So we got creative! For the low, low, low price of only two dollars, you can enter to play in a massive game of Tag!

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Tag? What a childish game!' But it's not just regular old tag! It's Zombie Tag!

The rules are simple! Whoever is It will be able to increase their number! Who ever the It person tags will also become an It person and must help get everyone else who isn't tagged! Now, to be fair, no one can lie that they are an It Zombie if they are asked. If the person is not asked the question, then they do not have to inform the person, but they cannot lie about their status if asked or delay in their answer! Right away, it must be 'Yes I am' or 'No I'm not.'

And....for a special treat. [He hops off the Cooler and opens it to reveal a ton of water pistols.] Tagging will be done with these water pistols! But they serve another person. Because the It Zombie's range is increased, we have to give some fairness. So if a non Zombie fires an It Zombie, the It Zombie MUST count to ten, counted in 'one one thousand, two one thousands' and so on fashion until they can move again.

But are you still not sold?

Then think of this. [And there's a wide grin on his face and he sounds almost devious as he talks.] For all of those who manage to survive without becoming an It Zombie, they will get to split all the losers amongst themselves and decide Punishment Games for them.

I'm sure you all know about those by now. And to note, anyone caught breaking the rules I HAVE STATED will be disqualified and suffer a punishment game deemed by all the official Club Members. [You know, those times you get to see girls in the club in maid outfits or Keiichi going home in a dress or people have to do totally insane and suicidal things by setting off triggers for certain teachers to be homicidal. Basically, humiliation~!]

Now, to be fair, I will be the It Zombie, so no one has to worry about losing right off the bat! And yes, I will suffer a Punishment Game if I am unable to get all of you tagged. So be sure I'll be working to get everyone last one of you for my zombie army!

The game will last for one hour, all of the outside, but ON SCHOOL GROUNDS is fair game to hide, and we will be beginning in a half house. SO! Who wants to play?!
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Damn crazy people. I solve the case. If the facts weren't there, I wouldn't say it!

[At present, Shinichi is on the roof after school. Why? Because one of the hazards of being a detective is having friends and family of someone you found out coming after you to tell you you're wrong.

Being stubborn enough to do so means it's usually better, especially for his health, if he leaves. Right away. Which he did. Of course, this leaves the problem of leaving the school grounds.]

If I leave in ten minutes, I should be able to get out the front door and off the school grounds before they see me and be on my way home.
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[Meanwhile, in a quiet corner of the cafeteria, there's a chain-smoking exchange(?) student who just noticed that he forgot not only his wallet this morning.]

Oh FUCK! Where'd my lunch go?!

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[ Off in the brigade club room -- which used to be the literary club -- which used to actually be a club -- which possibly still is somewhere -- which, okay enough. ]

Ah hah! Checkmate.

[ Itsuki is sitting there playing chess. And you know it's a sad day when his opponent is himself. Maybe you're visiting, maybe you're actually interested in this SOS Brigade thing, or...maybe you're lost and thought it was the bathroom. Either way, he glances up with a smile. ]

...ah! A visitor. Did you wish to join? Either the game or the club, as you can see we are lacking in both areas.
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[ suddenly, in whatever class you're in, the intercom comes on! ]

Hi, guys! It's time for student announcements, and I'm in charge today! Well-- usually it would be. I've actually got a special broadcast to deliver this time around. [ ahem, ahem ] Arcueid Brunestud, I really hope you're listening!

[ Then, the unmistakable sound of someone turning on a stereo next to the microphone. A song like this. ]

Prom is coming up, it's on the sixteenth of May!
And I've got a message, that I want to convey!
I'll buy a nice suit, and you can wear a pretty dress!
You will watch me dance and realize I am the b
LET ME GO IT WAS IMPORTASDKALJ-- [ and it cuts off

And that is how you fail at asking someone to prom. ]

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May. 15th, 2010 11:08 am
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[come lunch time, you may see this particular note tacked to the bulletin board.]

Read more... )

[there are more notes attached to it, like "results are based from a campus-wide survey", et cetera. this is an anonypost too, btw! unless you guys know Asakura really well, you won't know who made this. |D;]

((ooc; mingle, threadhop, do whatever \o/;;))

5th Winter

May. 15th, 2010 09:57 pm
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[Briiiing goes the bell. It's time to get to your next class! But Fuyuki doesn't seem to notice as he stalks the hallways, in deep deep thought...

... and with a couple of ghosts floating right behind him, breathing their undead breath right on his neck. But you know what? Oblivious student is oblivious as he hums a tune.
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[ Your Home Ec teacher is looking gravely concerned. And by "gravely concerned", it's more that he looks dramatically upset.

... Which is really nothing new.

Him standing on the desk with outspread arms is nothing new, either. ]

It has come to my attention as clearly as though this news had arrived on my doorstep in a tiny white wicker basket and stretched out frail arms through a blanket and begged for me to embrace it!

Youth is something to empower you! Romance is something first experienced in youth! Unless of course you are hideous and unfriendly and then I must lamentably inform you that you are destined to remain alone and unenlightened forever. However, if you are a participant in my class, then I shall not allow you to wallow in misery!

Confess! Confess as if your very lives hung by a mere thread about to be snipped from the sweater of Life! The clothing your fingers have created upon my wise instructions will don you and you shall arrive at this prom in style and magnificence and grandeur! Fling open your hearts and find your partners!

Anyone who is able to do this promptly, creatively, and successfully will receive a high grade and a perfect score for attendance, along with this rare Mogeta keychain. If you opt to announce your intentions via the intercom, which is horribly tacky, I shall have no choice but to flunk you.

Now!! Return to your projects or embark on your romantic journeys, my fledglings!

((... In other words, if you haven't asked someone to the prom yet or you just want to talk to Ayame WHY WOULD YOU, feel free to do it here.))
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*If you happen to be out on the town tonight, you may notice there is a certain rich delinquent going from store to store, usually coming out with +1 bag each time! It's pretty obvious he's on a spending spree*

Hmhm... Where to next? I should go snatch up all the recent releases... Not to mention I've got a few other things I need to get-- Tch. I should have just brought along one of the servants. Dragging around all this stuff is going to turn into a pain.

(( Like the post says! Feel free to join in on him taking advantage of some civilization, be it stores or whatever. ))


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