May. 16th, 2010

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Alright, now that we are down to only those who really give a damn about computers, I want to announce your grades to the last test. Not so surprisingly, almost everyone failed. I am disappointed in you people, it was only a level 10 firewall run. At this rate, you people are not going to be able to hack a computer to save your lives, da ze~

And here I was going to let you all have the day off, but nope. Today, you get to work on your hacking skills. Nobody is leaving class until one of you losers past the test, da ze~ Now get to it. If you really need my help, I'll be over here with my curry.

((Various computer classes that seem to always turn into a class on how to hack plus computer lab for all your school computing needs here. You can assume you're in one of his classes or whatever))
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(There’s an anatomical skeleton out in the hallway. On a bicycle. Wearing a top hat and smoking a fake cigar.

You all know what the return of Bob the hooker skeleton means! The infirmary is open and Mochizuki-sensei is feeling bored (again). Feel free to bother him, ask him for help, play sick for a free excuse of why you can’t go to that one lesson you hate or comment on his idea of doing his job. XD]

Sigh… I wish something interesting would happen for once. How come WE never get any high school massacres?

((ooc: He’s also wearing a pair of black sweatpants, a white lab coat and this. Because looking the job is serious business and ...he's just weird like that, IDK.  =_=))

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Uh-huuuuuh. So this is obviously the highest place around here. Which means it's just perfect for finding beings with huge ambitions. My godly intentions are never wrong with that. But it's a little too crowded around here or maybe that's just me.

Sooo... Here's a question from a little meddler! Amongst all of you here, which one of you is the strongest?

((Obligatory rooftop post for all of your delinquent/chillin' out needs.))
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[ LOOK AT THIS FANCY HALL. There's like a food table, a place to the side where you can get pictures taken, a dance floor and a DJ, and all ... other... sorts of stuff you can find at prom I don't know I didn't go to mine. Also, prom committee must have gone all out because there's a huge banner that's literally sparkling that says:

Myspace Comments
Myspace Comments

Also, everything is all Trek-themed and awesome like that. There is an ice sculpture of Spock next to the punch. All sorts of fun stuff.

GET WILD. Here is your spam post, so threadhop to it. Also, feel free to still post for the event, this is just getting the spam post out of the way! ]


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