May. 17th, 2010

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[Let's pretend this is the next school day after the prom. orz Stupid prom post, couldn't you have waited 5 more minutes?? DDX *head-desks*]

Attention, all students. First off all, I hope you all survived the prom well! Second, Detention class will be held today all day at room z-1.43. Being listed for detention and not coming equals volunteering as a hands-on test-subject for either Mr. Stein’s or Mr. Haru’s next class, so I suggest you all come if you want to keep your liver and your pride~. Office hours for World Religions will be held at z-1.43 as well.

Oh, and before I forget it, Mr. Haru, if you might come as well once you are free, please? It was requested that we two have a word concerning the proper use of props.

((Detention class is a-running! Use this post to mingle, complain, thread-hop and get your punishment-assignments for whatever you did until now! But beware, there’s a teacher present and he WILL interfere if you’re going too far aka. no bombs going off in the classroom please XD! (It’d be great if you could drop me a hint what your characters got detention for, too!o/) )) 

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[deep in the night, are you looking for some fun--

or rather, suspense as Radu is standing hidden in the shadows and is somewhat visible only when you bother to actually look for the source of your paranoia, the feeling of being watched]

Hm, many unfamiliar faces...

[but he means no harm, honestly]

((Breaking hiatus?? And it feels like I'm posting for the first time oh dear so nervous HI GUYS))


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