May. 24th, 2010

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[Someone's found a run down watchtower somewhere on the cliffs. Not that it's obvious at first. That is, not unless someone passes when something goes zipping past or something starts floating around the watch tower.

Pay enough attention and they might see what appears to be a young flying girl in a hazmat suit. Who seems to have found a project in making sure the watch tower isn't so run down. Why?

Cause she's a superhero and it'd be cool to have a watch tower.

Also, she's a ghost.

Of course, people could completely miss her as she carries stuff before it disappears into the watch tower. Flying inanimate objects are pretty attention grabbing too.]

((OOC: Because it's superhero logic, it might not be immediately apparent this is Dani to those who don't know she's something freaky.))
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*Today at one of the ruin sites scattered about the island, during some of the lighter rainfall, Minato is going all out! If you happen to have walked by within the past half hour, you may have seen him shoot an arrow into a eye shaped hole, slam down a switch with a hammer, or maybe even do some wall climbing just to pull a lever!*

*No matter what you saw (or didn't see), he is now pushing a large block into a indentation which makes a large CLICK sound before a gate removes itself from the ruin entrance! Which he promptly rushes into for cover as the rain begins the transition from light drizzle to drench your shirt mode*

Haaa... At least I finally got it open. I wonder how much longer this is going to keep up? ... well, rain or not, I guess I should start looking around.

((ooc: Zelda-style dungeon crawl! I'll be making a thread for each floor as the post goes on, and for the details of the entire ruin click here. If you want someone of mine other than Minato, just let me know. And be sure to mingle with fellow party members! Feel free to jump right into the ruin itself if you really want. ))
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Ohh yeah, you know what I did while you losers were wasting time at Prom? I was possessed by an urge to have a little shopping spree. As if the little nagging voice in the back of my head said 'BUY OR STEAL AS MUCH SHIT AS YOU CAN CARRY' and lo and behold, listening to that for once finally paid off.

[ Travis says, as he stands before a large pile of... storebought/stolen goods ]

See, look at this stuff. A toaster. Bet some of you haven't seen one of those in years, huh? What else-- oh, look, a boom box. You are envying the fuck out of me right now. I've even got a goddamn shower curtain. You wish you had a goddamn shower curtain. And bed sheets. El Casa de Touchdown is going to be the classiest place on this side of the island since the other side has mansions made by those cheating fuckers.

... But a lot of this I don't really need, so let the bartering begin. I will take pointy goods, sexy goods, or any goods that are actually good.

[ ooc; As long as it is an average item/not a weapon/etc, feel free to notice Travis picked something up your character might want. \o/ ]


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