Jun. 12th, 2010

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*Deep inside the dreaded library, you'll find Soji glancing at a book and then working back on some pieces of paper. On the table he's sitting at, you'll find various paper cranes, flowers and shapes. And then... you'll find more complex designs similar to this or this or this*

... Hm. I'm glad I took her advice. It's a huge step up from paper cranes.
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Let's put those ladies to shame, shall we? They can only party so hard by themselves, so put your perverted fantasies of what they're doing aside for now, because unfortunately, odds are they're just that.

With that being said, let's live it up a little! I'll provide you all with the location, means and material, you all just cut loose and have a grand ol' time. Not a bad deal, eh?

(( Counter post for the guys to cut loose! There are plenty of drinks, food, fireworks to set off at people, along with a couple of games (card, board even one or two video). It's all set up out and inside the Esper Mansion, so feel free to do whatever! ))


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