Jun. 18th, 2010

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A-Ah... The sky is so bright... Where'd all the smoke and stuff go?

[Covering his head in a pitiful attempt to block out the sun, one might find a small redhead hiding under a tree for the moment so he can adjust. He has also yet to realize he is hiding under the hamburger tree - not that he has any idea what a hamburger is.]

Wait a second... I smell somethin' good. But where is it...?

An' where'm I? Is this a dream?

... If it is, I'd still really like to know where that smell's comin' from...

((Soooo Crow somehow got splashed with that wonderful Fountain of Youth water, and now he's turned into a little kid! Things to know about this little kid: He does... not have a name right now, he has only a vague idea what that card game his older self goes on about is, and is more concerned with continuing to exist than either of the above. Have fun. \o/))


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