Jun. 25th, 2010

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[Viede and the others had repeatedly told him that using himself as a bait in order to draw the enemy out and do maximum damage was a bad habit of his. Considering the sorry state his game of ‘catch me if you can’ with the angels had left him in, he was inclined to agree.

…on the other hand, trapping thirty angels in a deadlock they wouldn’t be able to escape from anytime soon in a single move was worth losing a leg and an arm. Thank god he’d been able to catch his sword with his tail. Those things got pretty brute once they’d realized that he could cancel out their time-warping powers with it.]

Hahaha… Ow. That much to a fight between angels and demons.

'Ok, quick inventory: I lost my arm when they tried to take my sword, my right leg won't carry me anywhere anytine soon and I got a hole in my stomach and some broken ribs from that forced crash-landing in the woods. Note to myself: Don't look at them when they're above you. It hurts. Anything else? Ahh, looks like my legion got that broken neck covered but there's not enough left to repair those clawed-out eyes.'

Hey… Anybody think that they could call a medic for me?

((OOC: Aion has theoretically five eyes in his demon form - two normal ones and three insect-like ones that don't need to blink located on his forehead. Let's just say that the angels didn't like that much cheating in one person and tried to [cough] make him stop. :< PS: Mods, please let me know if I'm going against the rules!))


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