Jul. 3rd, 2010

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*In the land of clouds, rainbows, magic carpets and annoying floating platforms, there is also an Airship, flying via the wings on it's side. Upon this ship, there is a ghost. Trying to claim that ship for her own.*

This is your new captain speaking! We currently have the problem of not moving, however we are working very hard to fix this problem. There is also the issue that there is nothing to steer with, but I have concluded that I will have to use the power of my mind in place of that. Do not panic, we will soon be sailing through the clouds to a vast new world!

Or we may just crash horribly into the ground. That could happen too!

In the mean time, please enjoy the wonderful sky view.
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[So have you reached the final level yet? Extremely excited to take on the final boss? You trudge on, anticipating the moment of glory that is waiting for you and you make it through to see that...

... someone, rather somebodies beat you to it.

Two vastly different creatures are standing/sitting side-by-side on top of the final Bowser, one looking terribly in despair and the other looking unperturbed. Approach?]

((Here are Apollo and Hades from Olimpos! Sorry to be taking the cup, all you heroic adventurers. Meeting them is a reward. Somehow.

They will be tagging separately!

EDIT: Both are off to bed /o/))


Jul. 3rd, 2010 08:30 pm
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[Guess who's on the first level, generally slowing down Kyou, and backing away from a giant intimidating mushroom.]

Um um! Mushroom-san! I'm sorry that you're angry we intruded, and I understand and all! Trespassing could be seen as a serious offense, and I haven't ever done something like that before! Well not intentionally you see, and I offered to pay for rent after, too. But I really didn't know that this spot was yours! The last thing I meant to do was interrupt you in the middle of your standing there, S-So you see, there isn't really any reason to fight! I'm pretty sure fighting is a really bad idea! People can get hurt and well, although mom was the toughest person I know, she said in the end of there was a way to civilly talk things over then everyone wins. Sometimes the definition of civil could be different, but I just know if we take a moment, then...

[It's not really listening to her entirely long ramble]

AH! Really...! If we just talk, then surely...! [About to get shroomed]


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