Jul. 6th, 2010

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"Ayumu, I'm sure being here for a year has changed you! So go find at least five people to say hi too, and tell them something positive about themselves."

What's this note for? Some kind of prank?

"This is not a prank! Go find those people unless you want to face the wrath of all the bees on this place.

♥ Australia's waifu.... or husbando... whichever!"

How am I going to find that many people? Geez, I know I'm going to die eventually, but not like this. Just the thought of getting stung is making me want to just crawl in a hole.

Right, people. Please don't make me come across annoying people. Please don't make me come across annoying people.
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Well, I've had it in mind to try this out before, but haven't gotten around to it. Now that the last few days distraction is over...


... This is a bit more difficult than I thought.

Ahem. Can somebody teach me how to bake?
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[It's Mouse vs Monkey! In an effort to keep up his training, Mickey has been doing some gentle fighting and running away with the monkeys, in and out of trees. But we all know them monkeys are sly... And today, they've made it to the Drowned Springs! Mickey has been well informed about them, and common sense should make him turn the other way. But those monkeys keep sticking their tongues out, and... well.

You know where this is going.


Hahahaha! You guys got me good! You just wait until I get up there and...


Uh-oh. )

AAAAAHHHH! W-w-w-what happened?! My ears, my tail, my... everything?!


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