Jul. 8th, 2010

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[No matter where you are (assuming it's a place easily accessible/easy to break through) you now have a water pistol aimed at your face.]

You must be tired of livin'.
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[A few days after the Angels event was over, Kallen suddenly disappeared from the island. But now she's back, except she's completely disoriented. She's currently looking around for familiar spots at the moment.]

Wait, this definitely doesn't look like the Tokyo Settlement. Is this Kamine Island? It does look familiar... wait a second, could it be--?


Oh, you have got be kidding. This must be some kind of joke! I was on my way to school and suddenly... this?

[She pauses briefly to spot the inn right in front of her.]

Great. I'm stuck here again, aren't I?

'But at least this island seems peaceful for now like back home. I'm hopeful that everything continues to be all right.'

(OOC: Kallen has been canon updated to the end of R2 storyline! It's been more than a week since her disappearance even though she thinks a year has passed. Those who are friends with Kallen might notice some changes in her.)


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