Jul. 9th, 2010

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[Observe Lelouch, standing at the shore, ankle deep in water, gazing out at the ocean. He looks rather stupefied, with what could be a million things running through his mind, dressed in this fabulous attire. For a moment he keeps still while the waves lap at his feet. Then he straightens up, regains a bit of composure, and starts looking around. Feel free to come harass him over his dorky clothes, help him out, or whatever. Just expect him to be a bit snippy, especially with how hot it's going to be in that intricate garb.]
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You have entered wheresyourairconditioningnow

Sir Travis Motherfucker: i have an important mission for you all
Sir Travis Motherfucker: well for you lucky fuckheads with magic
Sir Travis Motherfucker: conjure as much ice as possible
Sir Travis Motherfucker: maybe even an ice castle
Sir Travis Motherfucker: if we can lower the temperature by at least one degree i may not resort to killing myself to see if it cools down in a week
Sir Travis Motherfucker: god DAMN

[ ooc; CHATROOM POST WITH THE LAPTOPS whoooo, threadhop bitches ]
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[Motherfucker it's like 400 degrees in this bitch.

Protip: Obnoxious heatwave and turtleneck sweaters do not go together. Stein's quickly learning this lesson. The hard way.

Turtleneck sweaters also do not happen to go with large bolts protruding through people's heads. Especially when you're quickly trying to take one off because there's an obnoxious heatwave on. Today's a day for learning, clearly.

...And a day for Stein to curl up in what little shade he can find with his sweater stuck over his head while he figures out what to do about this.]


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