Jul. 11th, 2010

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Excuse me.

I know that the inn can get overcrowded and huts and caves can be uncomfortable, so I'll say this now. If there's anyone seeking someplace to live, I stay over in the Land Dreadnaught docked the southwest shore. It's well supplied and has more than enough rooms, and...

... I find myself with a more than a little extra vacancy these days. It seems selfish to keep the ship all to myself and one other roommate in these conditions.

If you'd like to move on board, please contact me. Thank you.

[ ooc; Losing your friends from home practically overnight: feels bad man. ]
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[there is one (1) Gray Fullbuster on top of a giant block of ice. all he has on is his underwear]

I got out of this place and it was hot! And now that I'm back, it's burning! Jeez, who the hell comes up with the weather?!

I didn't even get to finish my dinner before I was brought here again.

This'll keep me cool for a while.

[Gray is back! Memories of his stay here before have been retained.]


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