Jul. 12th, 2010

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In a place separated from the rest of the island... (Meta-world) )

[within a moment... no, within the space between two moments, a grand mansion appears on the island from nowhere- it was not built, it was not even summoned, it was simply there, as if it had always been a part of the island, with no signs of the trees that had been there beforehand

a rugged trail might lead there from other places on the island, but before the mansion itself it became an elegant cobblestone street

and in front of this elegant mansion was a small garden tea area, with elegant wooden chairs around a small table, laid out with teas and sweets... and two innocent-looking girls, sitting and inviting others to their tea party]
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[ once upon a time, there was a Kazuha, and this Kazuha showed up on this island a year and a few weeks ago.

And the island FINALLY saw fit to remind her of that by not only dumping a ONE YEAR KAZUHA YOU UNLUCKY SAP banner on her head, but also three books full of case articles she was involved with. Because clearly no one can try to beat the heat with some shade.

So at this moment in time, you just see the banner draped over someone. Who's ranting about stupid islands. ]

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[While a certain vampire is resting under the shade of a tree to try and sleep off the heat, she looks up with an inscrutable expression at the sign that has suddenly appeared on said tree.]

Aren't I the least appropriate person for this sort of job? )

Well... I guess it's not like I can't answer some questions...

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Jul. 12th, 2010 03:01 pm
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[ There would be one pink-haired teenager rubbing at her head in an aggravated manner, mumbling to herself as she walks along the beach with weapon holster at her side. Clearly she's lost and has no idea what's she doing.

... Which means she needs to bothered. ]

Okay. Think, Saya. Stop being so useless and use your head like you're supposed to. There has to be a perfectly logical explanation for this.

[ooc: placeholder for now - will tag back after work]


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