Aug. 4th, 2010

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① Ever had something you wanted to say, but couldn't? Post here!
② Rule is, you have to be anonymous ♪! Pretty easy, right?
③ Other people can reply while logged in, if they really want to. (But then you'd be losers)
④ Enjoy!

[ooc; lifejournal post! if your character is commenting as anon, just state so in the subject line! feel free to post some duds, like people pretending to be someone else, blah blah]
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[You're in the inn perhaps passing by or on your way to the kitchen hoping for something magically to appear in the cupboards that's actually normal to eat. Inside the kitchen there are broken egg shells, bowls full of buttermilk pancake batter, fruits, syrups, and whisk tools about and Yotsuba standing on stool staring intently at a pan on the stove with Ayumu watching her.]

All right! I'm gonna make a perfect pancake this time!

That's what you said on your last three tries.


You're not even flipping them correctly. I thought you told me you knew how to do this.

Don't worry Ayumu! I'll make us lots of delicious pancakes.

Do you have to make a lot? Really? Because I don't think everyone wants to taste your pancakes.

[OOC: Ayumu and Yotsuba will be tagging separately! Pancake meals are the best.]
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[And somewhere in the jungle, there is a wandering detective in a drab tan suit, currently following something that might be a path, and might be a game trail, but should at least go somewhere sooner or later. His current mission: See if there's signs of other human life!
He may have been wandering off the beaten path for a while now.]

[While he can do quite a bit if he finds tracks in the trail itself ... wilderness tracking is not his strong suit; city boy is a city boy.]

[Besides that, he's weathering it rather well, if coping via resigned indignation.]

[Disturb/flag down/attempt to stalk/get tracked, stumbled across, or found?]
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[ Ling seems to be... cautiously tasting his fingertips. Where one might think this is weird/bad table manners, something odd is about. ]

... Is that mango?

[ Mingle post! For this post, your character has a flavor. Cannibalism not encouraged. ]


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