Aug. 10th, 2010

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Mission log: I'm on a mysterious landform that's hot and sticky and covered in sandwich trees. I've no recollection of how I got here, but I suspect foul play by the DIB. Anyway, I need to get home. Unfortunately, I have no idea which direction the base is in or how far away it may be, and neither of my robot servants are responding to my radio transmissions. 

I'm writing this on an Earth laptop. I just found it sitting on the ground. It was purple and had my name on it in huge letters with a little heart next to it, which is also suspicious. WHO HERE KNOWS THAT I AM ZIM?

It's written in... I think this is marker. 

Anyhow, I'm posting this to my 'lifejournal' and- WAIT A MINUTE!

OF COURSE! This computer has been set up by the enemy to monitor my activities! IT'S A TRAP!

[Zim promptly smashes his laptop against a nearby tree.]

Heh, heh, heh. No one outsmarts Zim! Welp, off to look for a way home.
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Or IS IT? Shinku is kneeling in front of it feeding it some carrot sticks that randomly appeared nearby. Shut up, it happens.]

So it IS alive.
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[this shota plush doll has not been having a good couple of days. Erika denied his existence, and then Eva-Beatrice killed him with cake. So yeah.

Trying to cheer himself up, he's over at a particularly sandy part of the island, trying to build a sand castle. Occasionally a big wave will come along and destroy part of it, but he just rebuilds, regardless. Just rebuild, just rebuild, just rebuild...]


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