Aug. 11th, 2010

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[ There's currently a little girl doodling in her notebook at the beach, singing a song as she sits. Repeating the words 'Uu~, uu~ every so often, it'd be hard to bring her down. Though, she's new to the island--

... Bother her? ]
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[It's the early morning and something inside the inn smells DELICIOUS. Good morning, everyone. There is a new resident in the inn and she made you all breakfast. A traditional Japanese breakfast, all ready to be dished up and eaten, but left in various places to stay warm around the kitchen. The food will be delicious and not in anyway cause freakish things to happen.

There is a note:

I don't know the exact number of people here, so I was unable to serve everything properly. Please help yourselves. If it's all eaten before you can eat, feel free to find me. I'll be around the inn cleaning.


Just as the note promises, Belldandy will be doing just that. Humming softly, she'll be somewhere around the inn, making it spotless, barring private rooms.

She'll even be cleaning outside those not living in the inn who wish to meet her.

...also, she's in a maid uniform.]


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