Aug. 15th, 2010

19th Sense

Aug. 15th, 2010 12:44 pm
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*Now here's an odd sight amongst the already unusual changes to the island today-- Is that the usual smarmy esper who floats goddamn everywhere simply... walking along the beach? Why yes, yes it is. He appears to be in a rather grumpy mood going by the lack of his usual not-so-charming friendly smile.*

... how incredibly troublesome. I'm flattered to be left just enough to be regarded as a level 1, but I still feel greatly insulted by this entire affair. They could have at least left me a pillow...
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*on the deck of the not entirely fully functional Tartarus, there is a girl looking rather deep in thought*

... This could end badly.

I lost my hat too.

((So, with having to make her live for the week, and knowing that Yuyuko supposedly looked somewhat different while alive, I decided to run with the idea and have some fun with it. Still sounds the same though.))
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[ This is Yuki, in search of a meal at his favored pizza tree. This is the look on his face when he discovers said pizza tree is no longer in service. This is his absolute horror. ]

....w-where did it go??


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