Aug. 16th, 2010

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[There is a notice on the front desk of the inn in the lobby. There is also a box with a slot next to it.]

Attention Attendants:
I will be assuming this is one of those 'events' and thus this will be temporary. However, since much of the food stores have vanished, I will ask for those who are able, to bring some food to the kitchen for meals. If everyone could bring just a little everyday, it would make everyone's lives just a bit easier.
I also request no one explode anything too badly as repairs would take me longer than they would normally at this time.
Also, as I was informed prior to this event, there are some homes that are magical. Given what has happened to everyone's supernatural powers, I'd like to ask for volunteers for those who might be able to spare a space or two for those people who may be suddenly homeless.
If you are not able to find me on the premise for questions about this notice or anything else, feel free to leave a note in the box and I will give you an answer this evening. Any volunteering of space may also be submitted here with your room number and number of people you're willing to take.
Thank you for everyone who helps at this time.

Belldandy, Innkeeper

[And for those who DO want to talk about Belldandy, she'll still be doing some basic daily chore stuff or taking a walk and gathering food if you want to meet her elsewhere.]
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 [is wandering around eating a banana. Face is smudged with dirt and wig is gone, exposing antennae. He seems not to have noticed.] 

Ha ha, nothing out of the ordinary here, just eating my fruit like a good little Earth child! It's full of potassium and therefore helps me see better. So it's good for me! I could always eat these. Heheh, I'm not suddenly consumed by raging hunger! Perish the thought. I just wanted a snack and there don't seem to be any more sandwiches. Henh. [rubs eyes] This is a completely unrelated subject but have any of you seen, say... a dry cave that's not currently inhabited? I found a burrow, but it was cold and muddy and full of FILTHY GOPHER CREATURES!

I ask because as a human child, I think natural landmarks are 'cool' and I like to 'play' in them. I'm currently headed for that mountain over there.

[points at the freakin volcano]

It looks like a good place to find shelter.  Yep, why not?. All tall and... sheltery. And, again, it's 'cool' and attractive to 'play' on.

Well, that's all I had to say. Goin' to the mountain now. Bye
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[oblivious to the power loss, one Sheryl can be found at the beach folding paper planes and making them fly onto the ocean. Unfortunately, the planes can't fly forever and you may see a bunch of planes (or what's left of them) on the water]

Another one. Let's see how far this goes.
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This is troublesome, this isn't where I'm supposed to be. I really have some important matters to attend to, and I don't think my boss will like it if I'm late. It seems like I can't get any cell reception out here either, but that's to be expected in a place like this.

What am I supposed to do now, I don't even know the true details of my next assignment? How did I get here anyway? I should be on a plane right now. It probably doesn't matter, but it looks like I will need to do some investigating. I can't afford to waste any time. I'm on a very strict schedule!

[feels something fall on top of her head and looks up to see a monkey in the tree above her, giving her a dirty look.]


[Reaches up to pull a banana peal off her head]

That's not very nice!



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