Aug. 18th, 2010

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[a young boy, soaked to the bone and with his clothes sopping wet and reeking of salt, is dragging himself up a beach grumbling at his outstretched hand]

Come on, magic doesn't just disappear! Nor do staves! In mid-air! Aah... either way, it's a good job I learnt how to swim...
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*Who lives close enough to the volcano to get their home wrecked? Minato does, that's who! Which is why he and his dog are currently sitting atop a small trunk a safe distance away from his as-of-now surrounded by lava home.*

Well, Koro-chan... It looks like we need to find a new place to stay... Do you think the inn allows pets?
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Huh. Well I'll be damned.

Hey, Prier? You know how you said you spent plenty of time camping out when you were working for that church of yours?

Get ready to do it again~! Ku ku kuuuu~

[In retrospect, it probably wasn't the greatest idea to build the hut RIGHT NEXT THE BASE of the volcano. At least it looks cool getting melted and burnt down? He's keeping his distance from the lava but damn if he doesn't want a closer look at the spectacle]


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