Aug. 23rd, 2010

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[The end of the event is near and there’s what looks like a new person, sitting next to a huge patch of shrubs that are full of dangerous-looking thorns and what looks like several feet of raven-colored hair that’s formidably stuck in them.

Said person also looks like he just got a new haircut by a very untalented hairdresser and lost a fight with a cactus.]


..... Hmph.


((ooc: Thanks to the event and nerfing of powers, have a human!Hades with clothes! 8D EDIT: Back! and apparently I can't remember dates right. *head-desks* Let's just say that the return of Hades' powers takes a bit and happens gradually instead of instantly? ;__;))

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[Wherever you are, without warning, a young lady with a parasol appears. Despite the heat, she doesn't seem to be sweating in the slightest. Those who can sense it can probably feel an inhuman air about her.]

Aa, so hot, so hot... Rather than the moon, it would be better if someone could steal away the sun~

--- Ah, the passer-by with an abundance of free time there.
May I borrow a bit of your time?

((Intro-post for Yukari, may be slow~ o/ EDIT: Off to bed, will pick up new and old tags tomorrow~ I RETURN.))


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