Aug. 29th, 2010

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[ There wasn't a lot accomplished this particular morning. After breakfast, Leonidas took the group out for a quick hike, and then it was back to their normal spot. This time, he led them to the river... ]

You had better all be prepared for today! Some of you may die, but those of you who survive will become stronger than you can possibly imagine!

[ Just what is this? Well... ]


Aug. 29th, 2010 10:54 pm
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[ It is back to camp now.

Was it ever mentioned that there was a small cliff overlooking the camp? Maybe you just didn't notice it over the LOUDNESS of a certain camp counselor.

And why bring this up? Said camp counselor is now standing atop that cliff, arms crossed over his manly chest (adorned with CAMP COUNSELOR T-shirt) and looking down over the entire group, assembled at the foot of said cliff. ]


I've watched all of you grow in STRENGTH during this weekend! There has been PAIN, there has been SUFFERING, but you've all managed to pull through!

You are all SURVIVORS!!! I would be proud to have any one of you within the Spartan army!

[ Do you all have MANLY TEARS in your eyes? Leonidas doesn't. He's too manly for manly tears. But if he weren't, he would have them. ]

Our time was short! But it was spent well! All I hope is that-

[ Unfortunately, Leonidas is being cut short. From out of nowhere, a charging rhinoceros takes the Spartan in the side, gouging its horn into him and pushing him to the edge. ]


[ Leonidas digs his heels into the earth, letting out a primal roar of fury... but it's not enough. It's too late.

The charging rhino takes itself and the camp counselor off the edge of the cliff, mercifully away from the camp... no one will have to see this man's death.

And when people go to investigate? All that is left of him is a bloody CAMP COUNSELOR T-shirt... ]

[ Say a prayer for the fallen hero.

And while doing that, feel free to notice that all powers have returned in full force.

There's no magic ticket off of this island now and back to their usual home, but hopefully people will find a way. There are powers, there are still those rafts... be creative.

Because this fun is over. ]


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