Sep. 16th, 2010

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[Out near the Ar Tonelico house, you would hear sounds of drilling, welding and even some hammering. Upon closer inspection, you'd see Lyner pulling on some rope to lift up a large wall from the ground onto the foundation he made on the ground thanks to the whatever tools and items he found left over in the Flay cave]

Aaaand there we go! Now that’s all three walls done! Whew! I guess taking a break from the other place did do me some good after all. Now I just gotta do something about having a sturdy roof that isn’t exactly wood but allows me to have some air to go through... well I’ve grathmelded and made harder things before so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem... I hope.

[So what is Lyner’s new project? A D.I.Y. made garage.]
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[ If you decided to take a nice long walk on the beach today, you may come across a figure lying on the sand. In one hand that's uplifted toward the sky is a Keyblade, and he seems to be staring very intently at it.


After a moment, it disappears from his hand as he brings his arm down and sighs.

Do you bother him? Y/N/Triangle? ]

[ ooc: After over a week of searching, he finally gave in to the fact that Sora went home. )8 ]


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