Sep. 18th, 2010

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Sep. 18th, 2010 12:35 pm
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[At some convenient place where everyone seems to have gathered... idk be imaginative]

So, if you guys were stuck here with only one person, who would you want that person to be and why? Just one, okay? Ha ha! If you're a group of three with promises of being friends forever, sucks to be you! ♪

I hope this'll give me something good.

[ooc; threadhop away!]
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[ In front of the inn, there is a neat little table set up with a nice little boy in front of it. He's all smiles and good feelings and it looks like he would probably jump out of his seat to give you a hug if needed! ]

Um, excuse me? Hello there! Would you mind helping me with a project I'm working on? I want to keep a population list of the island-- yes, I know that's difficult with the frequent arrivals and disappearances, but I'm doing a little research on the rate of how people come and go.

Please just sign your name here, and then you can be on your way. I'd greatly appreciate it.

[ MOE NOTE POST. Kinda earlyish but I don't know if I am going out later. A few notes: For characters who are already used to how this works, there is no book. Jay ripped a few pages out, so right now it really does just look like there is nothing but harmless pieces of paper in front of him. Also, in most cases, he will already know your character's name because it's in his nature to go around and stalk to at least find that out. The asking them to sign is really just to keep up appearances, so if your character is one to not help with this type of research, he would just write their name down on his own.

Just reply to your partner's thread. If they haven't replied to the post yet, feel free to make it yourself. Jay won't be replying to anything except for Ling so assume that he thanked you afterward. You can say the effects of the Moe Note kicked in anytime you want. NOT SIGNED UP YET? Please continue to use the sign-up post for that. You can backtag as much as you want, etc. ]


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