Sep. 28th, 2010

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[So one week ago from this day was moe note.]

[Since then, a certain detective has been gone from the room he shares with others from his world. (As well as the other detective, a certain witch, and the witch detective from their homes.) But right now, it's the tiny one.]

[He's suddenly back in his room, in his bed, in bloodstained clothes with pretty big holes in the front and back. Like something had run him through.]

[And his eyes snap open and he jerks up. He looks around frantically. It's still early, just past dawn.] This isn't.... [And he's scrambling for the calendar, looking at the date.] It's been a WEEK?!

[Sorry roommates. That's a rather rude wake up call for you. And probably anyone in the inn. He's kind of distressed.]

Arcana XXV

Sep. 28th, 2010 09:42 pm
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*Today in some nice, open, regularly passed through area... There is Minato! Minato with a gun Evoker. One that he has raised to the side of his head. Without even so much as a warning or reason, he is pulling the trigger!*


*cue a tiny blonde haired girl in a blue dress appearing in front of him for a moment, doing a tiny twirl, then vanishing as soon as she came. Something may have gloriously lit on fire as she appeared, but hey, that's up to you.*

... that wasn't so hard.


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