Oct. 9th, 2010

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[ITP: A girl is polishing and fixing up some guns she got from long, long ago. Just two or three pistols actually.]

It's October isn't it? Nothing really strange has happened in the last few weeks. Makes me think back about when I first came here, it seemed like something crazy kept happening at least once a day. A lot of things do change in only a few years though...

... Could be just me, but... I think we better get prepared for danger just in case. I mean, Halloween IS coming up soon. Hmm, what am I gonna do with the rest of these Vaccine bullets though? I don't need them anymore to be honest.
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‘scuse me, but it seems that I kinda lost the beehive I was experimenting on. You see, I tripped and it went flying through that window… If you find a suspiciously angry sounding skep anywhere, don’t try and remove its plug. Just call me or try to kill it without making it open.

((What’s inside the beehive? Lots of bees enhanced with demonic cells, meaning that they’re about the size of hornets, regenerate for a limited amount of kills and don’t die after stinging somebody.))


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