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[AH MAN, it's so nice out today. You are out doing your own thing, minding your own business, then all of a sudden, a well-dressed, important-looking (not really) lawyer type runs past you, pumping his crazy lawyer legs as fast as they will carry him.

"What could possibly cause him to do that?" You think, as you turn to see what's chasing him.

And it's an Indiana Jones-style, rolling boulder. And it is heading right for you. Do you run, stop drop and roll, or face your fate as a pancake? The choice is yours!]

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Trucy, I have something to tell you. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have kept it from you for so long...but the truth needs to come out!

The thing is...you're not adopted. I'm your real father. And--


...is your Mother!
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It's Easter soon, right? I think I'm starting to pick out holidays by the weird events that happen around them, alone. [Not that that's particularly difficult to do.]

Geez, they're everywhere. I don't think I can move without being afraid of stepping on them--Hey, shoo--don't hide in my pants leg!

[ooc; They are everywhere. THIS IS A MINGLE POST. Threadhop and pick up some chicks.]
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...[You would think, with all the years I've been here and gone through this day, that I'd lock myself up in the cave and not come out for a long time.]

This is where a lot of people from home show up for a day, right? [Along with a lot of other strange people...] Anyway, nice to meet you all. Enjoy your stay, because you're all the lucky ones that are pretty much guaranteed to only be here for a few days at most.

If there's anyone from my world in that big crowd, I wouldn't mind saying hello.
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wrights your wrongs has entered whywontaustraliacall

wrights your wrongs: http://www.islandtube.com/watch?v=YtYzsRMaQpo
wrights your wrongs: dfgjkdsgdfhsl
wrights your wrongs: No one click that!!
wrights your wrongs: Wait...another chat room?

[ooc; Sorry about the font color on island's layout--anyway, chatroom post! Works like the last one. Threadhopping is a go! edit; Stepping out to shop for a while, please threadhop amongst yourselves.]
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...Haha, very good, Maritza! Soon you'll have those--... what did Apollo call them?--chords of steel in no time. But ah--let's keep this a secret between you and me. If you're practicing like that at all hours in the house, your mom won't be that happy with you or me.


You know, I'm not all that sure if a court of law would allow a lawyer to act as a magician at the same time. Then again, this is the island, so maybe you'll be lucky.

[ooc; Nick and daughter, family bonding time gogo. ALSO WHO YOU WANT TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ANY LEGAL...MATTERS TO SETTLE. Fuck yes Wright & Von Karma Law Offices.]
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[ooc; Tongue + metal pole = fun times you won't forget. HE RAN INTO IT ON ACCIDENT OKAY.]
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...I shouldn't make a habit of trying to wash a car a few months after the paint is dry.

Wow, taking a closer look at it...this thing is really all dented and banged up. [And I'm sure Edgeworth would throw a fit at the tiniest scratch.]

Oh well--if he ever gets here again, I'm sure I can explain it calmly and rationally...and maybe he won't sue me. Maybe.

[ooc; Washing his Edgey's car on the beach \o/!]
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[On the beach, there is a pretty sweet set up for a party! there are lanterns hanging around, pumpkins carved out, a sweet looking food table, and maybe if you listen really hard, there's some spooky music playing in the background. Oh, and there's Halloween related games to play and a bitchin' huge bonfire roarin'.]

...It's been a while since we had one of these, hasn't it? [I've never hosted one myself, but I guess that had to change, right?]

I'm sure a lot of you don't have Halloween back in your worlds, but it's fun regardless. At least it's an excuse to celebrate a little, right?

Just...no fake corpses this Halloween. Please?

[ooc; Halloween party! Threadhop all you want, etc. Phoenix is dressed a-la icon and feel free to have your characters in-costume *_*]
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...Has this always been here? Seems kinda important for someone to just leave around...plus it kind of reminds me of something from home. [This is just like the frequency detector Gumshoe made!]

...Except something looks off. Way off. Does this thing even work like a detector? [Oh look, it says something on the back...]


O...kay? Maybe I should just put this thing back where it was...

[ooc; a.) it is exactly what you think it is and b.) It'll go off if your character has ever had UST, subtext, or so on and so forth. Totally defective, no really.]
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[[ITP proves that a lawyer and a shounen retard should never, EVER, EVER attempt to build anything that's bigger than a house of cards. Actually, they shouldn't do that either. Maybe they should just not do anything besides defending people and chopping up things. BUT BEING THE MEN THAT THEY ARE, THEY DON'T KNOW THAT.

So this is is how Phoenix and Ichigo's hut looks likes right now. Falling up stairs is always highly encouraged, because yay open house.

Order = your character --> Ichigo --> Phoenix. Threadhop, double post, etc]]

...Okay, the hut's finally finished. More like a cabin now, I guess. But whatever. A ROOF AND A DOOR AND I'M HAPPY, shut up.

Something seems off though. Uh, maybe we put in too many stairs? But everybody likes stairs. Yuzu and Karin used to play house all over them.

And people say architecture is HARD. Pft.
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Something seems different about today, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

...Oh well. It'll come to me soon enough. I just gotta focus on making this hut right this time around. [That book I got from the library should help, title side...]

...What do you think? Does it look okay for a skeleton?

[ooc; He cannot see the color orange!]
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Name: Dr. Owen N. Theocean. (Identified by a Driver's License in his wallet)
Age: 38 (Also thanks to the license, all other information obscured by water damage)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Time of Death: Anywhere between 11 A.M. last night and 1 P.M. today.
Cause of Death: Undetermined. The body appears to have...been in the ocean for a while, but on closer inspection, there are two uneven slash wounds across the neck, three stab wounds on the torso (one on the side of the chest, one in the stomach, one in the shoulder), and bruising along the back and head, and though the bruising is so thorough we can't really tell what caused it, I'd say it's somewhere along the line of a hammer or a baseball bat, just because of the size of them.

Since the body can only still bruise while alive or immediately after death, it's safe to say that all these were inflicted while the victim was still alive or only newly dead, so we can rule out drowning as a cause of death for sure. Whether or not the stab wounds inflicted were before or after his death, I'm not sure.

If there's a qualified doctor around here that can do more than that, I'd really appreciate it. This is kind of bare-bones for an autopsy report.

As for the rest of you...pardon how cliché this sounds, but where were you on the night of the crime?

[ooc; Doin' what he does best: snooping for information. Threadhopping is also a-okay in this post!]
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Alright--are we ready? This is a surprise attack so we gotta be fast and hit 'em where it hurts! If we circle the inn about 5 times we'll do enough damage and be able to get away before those...mecha things can really get us.

On the count of 3! One...two...three!!

[ooc; Dark navy bluers attacking the inn/wherever? You're getting driveby'd by Phoenix, Franny, Kite, BlackRose, and Shadow in Edgey's now repainted car. ALSO of note is that anyone trying to stop the car may get chaos control'd. Also, threadhopping is go!]
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[Why does this thing still exist?] It's been a few years since I last saw this...thing. Nice knowing it hasn't lost any of it's original charm.

Anyone want a blue badger?

[ooc; It's outside his cave D8]
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Don't all you people look relieved? Never saw the moon that big back home.

I'm not one to turn down an impromptu vacation...but just where am I? It can't be-- I told Trucy I'd be home from work early this time, haha. Was gonna have a show at the wonder bar, I think...

[ooc; Fountain of aging!Nick get--?!]


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